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Independent Third Party. 

It is not easy for the company to accurately describe their computing needs, or rather the information that needs to handle at all times. Nor is it easy for companies that develop programs "tailored" to capture in their programs which is not described accurately and that in most cases, it is only in the minds of those who feel the need of them. These two difficulties are due to misunderstandings, loss of time and money, often getting to results of conflict between the parties, very difficult to solve it at least has lost the trust.

The service of "independent third party" seeks to restore confidence, acting objectively.

Benefits of our service:

• Put an end to the concerns of providers, users and, more generally, to all stakeholders by infusing confidence on the compliance with the requirements.
• Verify and validate compliance with formally defined specifications.
• Detect defects affecting functional and non-functional aspects of the applications.
• To issue reports of findings, conclusions and recommendations.
• Do not require excessive resources resulting in higher costs which stakeholders are willing to pay.
• Participate in a cycle to help improve and ensure the quality of the solutions.
• Assist in the definition and drafting tender specifications.
• Provide greater confidence and added value for the customer in considering several offers from different providers.
• Define and justify the selection of a supplier.




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Our consulting group offers valuable advice in operation research to optimize resources and reduce costs in the most diverse areas.

We are in contact with people and businesses across the country to find the highest value opportunities, manage critical challenges and ultimately transform entire businesses. Our vast experience and high commitment are some of our biggest advantages.
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Operational research seeks to optimize the focus of study. This may be an objective function (minimize or maximize profits spending) or simply choosing the best alternative.

The search includes all restrictions that affect the objective employing mathematical models that can be used whenever the conditions (internal or external) change.
The latter is the forte of operation research: formulating a model once and is used indefinitely with small adjustments of the variables involved.
Areas of application of operation research:
  • Finance
  • Production
  • Feeding
  • Queue Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Task Assignment
  • Logistics
  • Stock management
  • Probability decision
For other examples and applications, see this document (spanish version)


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